Thank you so much for showing interest in the More Locs product brand. More Locs is a luxury product brand that was created with the healthiness and sexiness of locks in mind. It has been a long time coming- over 15 years of lock maintenance and cultivation experience, using various products, client research, and hands on- that has led us to create what we believe to be THE product line for your locks.  Giving your locks more of the essientials they need for more moisture, more growth, more shine and in turn give you healthy strong and sexy locks! 


You will notice that we have two Sides to our product line- the 1st side is the Sexy Black Label Edition which includes a daily hydrating spray, a wonderful aromatic scalp nourish lock oil, A sleek and conditioning 4 Moisture Foam- to start,maintain and style your locks. It also includes our Loc Bling- sure to give  Your locks shine as well as a sexy scent.


The Second Side is our Loc Therapy Edition which includes an Herbal Shampoo, a Damage Control Elixir, a Loc Restore Mist,  Bhringaraj & Sulfur Hair Growth Serum, Scalp Therapy Oil plus more 😁

We have Thought of every aspect of the lock journey as well as created solutions to problems that you may experience while starting your locks or going through your loc journey. Say goodbye to the myth of dirty or unprofessional locks and say Hello to Sexy locks!


  • Can you please let me know when Daily Fortifying Mist will be back in stock? I would like to order.

    Thank You :)

  • Would love to try you product. Started my locs a year ago, but they are very thin would love to know how to get them thicker and how often do I get them washed.


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